Who brought the house down? It was Badger Cabin, that’s who. AJ, Blake and Mac along with Dan and Joe demonstrated rhythm, style and talent with every note.

Jake S. has the crowd on their feet.
Muir Cabin– ‘nough said.
8.5 on the Richter Scale. Jump and shout Olson Cabin!
Counselor Dan, AJ, Blake and Mac rev up the crowd.
Michael Jackson’s Thriller had Blake showing all MJ’s moves.
AJ captured in action. Thrilling.
Thomas S. has the crowd yearning to touch the stars.
Demonia heads down the Crow Wing River. Beautiful river, beautiful day.
Today was highlighted by a silent breakfast. This time honored tradition goes back to the old logging camps. If you talked during a meal, that meant you weren’t eating. Loggers need their calories. The silence was broken by a crazy logger and his chain saw. Campers witnessed a maple tree being cut down after breakfast. TIMBER rang out loud and clear from all who watched. Afternoon activities were enjoyed by all. Pictures will be posted soon. Thanks for waiting!
Our band width in the north woods leaves a lot to be desired. Thank you for your patience while we continue to post pictures.