Camp Life

group of boys smiling with one holding a paddle that says honor cabin.

Whether it’s skit night, a surprise pontoon ride to Cedar Island, a canoe trip report, or Tuesday Night Cabin Activity, there is always something keeping the schedule fun and exciting.

black cabins outdoors.

Cabin Life

Wood-framed cabins with LED lighting serve as a place to rest and get ready for the busy days of camp. Anywhere from four to eight campers share one cabin with two counselors. Campers sleep on cots (no bunk beds) and store their clothing and personal items on shelves and cubicles. Bathrooms are a short walk from every cabin, and the whole camp stays clean by bathing in the lake at least once a day.

Campers sitting around a table at mealtime.


Meals are served family-style three times a day in our dining facility, Knutson Hall. The food is delicious and prepared by our kitchen staff from scratch. Homemade bread and soups, hand-prepared salads and dressings, and freshly baked cookies all contribute to one of the many reasons campers return: the food!


Campers choose their daily activities every three days with large group activity days in-between. Group assemblies after dinner are interspersed with open evenings where campers can enjoy the Cass Lake waterfront, play tennis, go fishing, shoot some hoops, look for frogs with a friend, or read a book. The activity program strikes the perfect balance between routine and variety to keep life predictably exciting!

boy aiming a long gun while trap shooting.
Trap Shooting
man showing boys some plants on the forest floor.
boy pulling back a bow.
soccer player dribbling down field.
canoes rowing away on a lake.
boy on dock smiling and holding a fish.

Our son adored his experience. Sincerest thanks for all that you and your husband have done in creating this incredible experience that is memorable and life-changing.

Manjari Camp Parent, California

Daily Schedule

8:00am Rise and shine
8:10am Flag raising
8:20am Breakfast
9:00am Inspection
10:00am First activity period
11:00am Second activity period
12:00pm Free period
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm Rest period
2:00pm Third activity period
3:00pm Fourth activity period
4:00pm Fifth activity period
5:00pm Free swim, free period
5:45pm Flag lowering
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Evening activities
9:00pm Dip time
9:30pm Taps, lower and middle camp lights out
9:45pm Upper camp lights out

Ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

two boys canoeing over rapids.