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Camp Chippewa's canoe tripping program offers an unrivaled wilderness experience. Be it an overnight on Star Island or a three-week trip to Hudson Bay, every camper will get a taste of the trail and a unique experience in the wilderness. The tripping program is the lifeblood of adventure while at camp.

An Unrivaled Wilderness Experience

Campers return from trips feeling accomplished, confident, and excited for adventures to come! Whether canoeing for an overnight at Star Island or a 21-day trip to Hudson Bay, Camp Chippewa’s Tripping Program is built on progression. Skills developed each year prepare campers for the next level.

Tripping at Chippewa is all about camaraderie, resilience, teamwork, grit, independence, and instilling a wonder and respect for the wilderness. The Camp Chippewa tripping program is unique because we go where many other camps’ tripping programs cannot. Chippewa leads longer, harder, and more remote trips because our program is run by qualified individuals who understand that these trips are about promoting growth in boys in ways they cannot find in any other part of their life.

Tripping Progression

Cabin Age DurationTrip Example
3rd & 4th Grade1 nightStar Island
5th & 6th Grade1 or 2 nightsMississippi River
7th Grade2 or 3 nightsCrow Wing River
8th Grade4 nightsVoyageurs Nat’l Park
9th Grade6 nightsQuetico Provincial Park
10th or 11th Grade 10 to 15 nightsEnglish River
Bloodvein River
11th or 12th Grade18+ nightsLitte Churchill River
North Knife River
(Hudson Bay Trip)

Local Trips

Being located in northern Minnesota offers opportunities for campers to experience the wilderness without having to travel very far. The Mississippi and Crow Wing Rivers are a short drive away. Voyageurs National Park, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Timber-Frear offer some of the best canoeing in the country. Even Star Island, just 2.5 miles away, serves as an exciting canoe trip destination for Chippewa’s youngest campers.

Six boys about to go on a local canoe trip.

The local tripping program is for campers entering grades 3–8. Returning campers go on a slightly longer trip each summer, culminating in a 5-day trip in Voyageurs National Park as rising 8th graders. This trip prepares campers for their first Canadian trip the following summer. Local trips are all about learning to be comfortable while on the trail and preparing campers for longer, more remote trips in the summers to come. Safety and fun are the two most important things while on a local canoe trip.

Canadian Trips

Campers entering high school (grades 9–12) embark on extended wilderness canoe trips in Canada. These trips range from 7 to 21 days in length, and the experience hinges on the remoteness of the trip. Pushing deeper into Canada’s wilderness ensures solitude, natural beauty, and a true connection with the land being traveled.

Camp Chippewa has canoed many of the waterways in Ontario and Manitoba. Trips to the Kopka River, Brightsand River, Turtle River, English River, Winnange Lake, Woodland Caribou, and Atikaki Provincial Parks will continue for years to come. Crystal clear water, rustic campsites, thrilling whitewater, seldom-used portages, superb fishing, and all the challenges that come with traveling in the wilderness is what makes these canoe trips truly life-changing experiences.

Again for the eighth summer, thank you for a wonderful summer for our grandson. He again said it was awesome especially the Bloodvein canoe trip. Now, he is looking forward to eight weeks next summer, the Bay Trip, and CLT training. Thanks for all.

Elizabeth Camp Grandparent, Oklahoma

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two boys canoeing over rapids.