Camp Chippewa has officially passed its one-week mark of the session! While the past year of COVID-19 has echoed through all of our lives, Chippewa has done its best over the past seven days to set up a bubble in which campers can begin to transition back to a life in the outdoors, full of both play and face-to-face connection. Using appropriate social distancing and mask-wearing, we have been able to operate with a full schedule of activities without exposing any campers to the COVID-19 vinous. The will of all campers to keep each other safe has been genuinely inspirational as the camp community has grown. The first week of camp is one spent reconnecting with friends and making new ones. After a long hiatus, the campers have been all smiles, and the joy of brotherhood has begun to spread. Every camper has experienced growth in the past week, from the climbing wall to the simple act of making their beds. The Chippewa staff has built the base, and all of the kids have begun to blossom. As the camp bubble has continued to solidify, campers’ confidence is higher than ever, building trust that will expand exponentially with the greater connection the fully integrated camp will offer.