Our History

Founded in 1935 by Otto “Cap” Endres and Helen “Mom” Endres, Camp Chippewa is currently owned and operated by Camp Chippewa Foundation, a non-profit organization.

A Legacy of Camping

A legacy of camping was ensured when the Endres family donated the camp and its property to the newly formed Camp Chippewa Foundation in 1999. This guaranteed that Chippewa will continue as a boys’ camp for future generations. The tradition of the camp reflects the dreams expressed by its founders, Cap and Mom Endres. A passion and love for wild places took them from their home in Oklahoma to the cool lakes of northern Minnesota where they began building Camp Chippewa in 1935.

boys tieing up sleeping bags on ground.

boys ready to fire bows in a line.

Cap and Mom lived their lives by example reflecting the guidance, love and encouragement boys need to develop a strong character and become thriving adults. We continue that tradition with a carefully developed program that promotes emotional and physical growth, builds confidence, and encourages deep and meaningful connections with fellow campers and counselors from around the globe.

By focusing on life-long sports and activities, our intentional program quiets the chaos, unplugs the tech, and builds a boy. Skills are learned on the trail, within one’s cabin, on the lake, or at the campsite. It is an exciting and fun program created for and by each camper within a well-developed camp structure. 

Camp Chippewa provides a rare opportunity to slow the pace of our daily routine. It’s a place to escape the wired world to discover the wider world and to find true connections around the glow of a campfire. Boys are empowered to know when to lead and when to follow, learn new skills, and understand that failure only means learn, build, and try again.

What began with two pioneers in the truest sense continues today. At Camp Chippewa, boys experience growth in character, self-discovery in adventure, and the inspiration of tradition—the cornerstones of a meaningful life.

boys on two canoes on a lake.


boys on welcome to atikaki sign on lake.

Ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

two boys canoeing over rapids.