As the shroud of covid 19 lifts here in the United States, we have started to remember what it is like to smile without the bounds of a mask and bring our whole selves to public. This is the case for Camp Chippewa as we begin to freshen up and welcome back campers after a long hiatus. For Chippewa, this shift closer to nominal is punctuated by the beginning of staff orientation. With or without the complications of Covid-19, the goals of Camp Chippewa stand true, and so do our methods. This method includes a heavy dose of tradition; tradition is implemented first in the training of Chippewas staff. Since 1935 the basic training of Chippewa staff has stayed resolute to instill the values and skills that make camp the unique space it has always been. After completing a week-long professional rescuer and lifeguard training, Chippewa staff has begun to dive into official staff training. The experiences that one faces at camp are communal growth from the trail to the simple act of dining together. This year Chippewa counselors are the first to rejoice in this growth, sharing meals and cabins as they prepare for the summer to come. Each counselor’s change is deliberate as it builds the bedrock via community growth on which the learning of each boy who experiences Chippewa grows. Staff training to accommodate and protect the boys of Chippewa and set the rhythms by which change is possible. As staff uncover boats far too long away from water and nudge docks back into their result posts, camp not only begins to look as if it is ready for learning but begins to echo with the rhythm that sets it apart as a space for growth and personal achievement.