Why Work at Chippewa

hikers sitting on rock next to river rapids.

Working with, supporting, and leading my cabin of seven 14-year-olds has given me the skills needed to work with adults. My abilities to be creative, patient, and resolve conflicts are what make me such an effective employee and team member. It all came from working at Camp Chippewa.

Jacob E., Counselor, Minnesota

Being a counselor at Camp Chippewa is so much more than just a summer job. You become a part of the Chippewa Community. Your presence, patience, kindness, and care have real impacts on our campers. By providing secure attachments, making meaningful connections, and serving as a positive role model, you will directly help boys navigate the difficult road to adulthood. The staff you work with become some of the best friends you will ever have, and the supportive community you join will be with you for a lifetime.

camp counselor showing a boy how to shoot a rifle.

climber on a climbing wall with a belayer in the foreground.

man showing climbing equipment to boys.

Working at camp is a real job. Businesses today look for applicants with interpersonal skills. Camp counselors develop and refine these skills every day working with their campers and fellow staff members. Effective communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, leadership, and conflict resolution are things you will practice every day while working at camp. When employers see “Camp Counselor” on a resume, they immediately know that person has the kind of skills they look for in an applicant.

A. young boy leading a canoe training.

Counselors work hard, but few jobs are as rewarding. Every day is spent outside connecting with people in meaningful ways while playing sports, enjoying nature, or just having fun. We are looking for staff who love the outdoors, have leadership experience, and are able to live in a small community. Our team is small; we hire around 25 counselors each summer. For more information about working as a counselor at Camp Chippewa, please check out our Staff FAQs. Feel free to contact us with additional questions. Apply today!

Serve as a positive role model, make an impact on our campers, and have an unforgettable summer!

large group of young adult men holding signs in front of a cabin.