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Explore what a summer at Camp Chippewa can do for your son.

More than the location, the structures, and the activities, Camp Chippewa is comprised of a living breathing community that spans continents and generations. Campers and staff come back year after year, and they do so because Camp Chippewa is home.

Our Program

Camp Chippewa provides boys with a one-of-a-kind wilderness experience: living, playing, and growing among the trees, lakes, and rivers of Minnesota.

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From trap shooting to wakeboarding, there’s no shortage of fun activities at Camp Chippewa! Here, boys uncover new talents and strengthen existing ones each and every day.

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Experiencing wilderness has been the backbone of Camp Chippewa for over 80 years. As near as local waterways and as far as remote Canadian expanses, boys enjoy nature, challenge, and camaraderie while traveling by canoe.

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Camp Life

Each day brings something new and exciting at camp, from canoe trips to skit night. We honor old traditions while making new ones, ensuring each and every camper is having the time of their life at Chippewa.

You have created an awesome, unique environment for these boys and we are thrilled that we found it. In addition to heading off to camp, our son moved schools this year. We had a ton of nerves going into the first day, but not him. He took it as a new adventure and was off and running. That would have never happened without the spirit and confidence he gained this summer at Chippewa. You truly delivered on your word and exceeded all of our expectations.

Jeff & Jen H., Camp Parents, Texas

Parent & Camper FAQs

What should my son pack for camp?

The most important things to send with your son are clothes, toiletries, bedding, and basic camping equipment. There is a thorough camper packing list available in CampInTouch once your son is enrolled. If your son is entering high school, there will be a canoe trip gear list with a guide to help you purchase the appropriate gear. We adopt a simpler lifestyle at camp. Please adhere to the packing lists. Contact us about additional items to ensure they are acceptable at camp; those lists are the product of over 85 years of camp experience.

What if my son gets sick or injured?

A doctor or nurse is on staff and lives at camp throughout the summer. They are able to treat a wide range of minor wounds, injuries, and ailments. Severe injuries and illnesses require a 25-minute trip to the hospital in Bemidji. Emergencies are handled by calling EMS. Camp will contact you if an emergency arises involving your son.

How can I communicate with my son?

Please write letters to your camper! The USPS delivers mail 6 days a week. We recommend writing anywhere from 1-3 letters per week to your camper. Campers are required to write home once a week, and their counselor will write you a letter about your son once a week as well. To discourage homesickness, please do not write about how much you miss your son or all the fun and exciting events he is missing back home. Instead, write encouraging letters about what he may be experiencing at camp and how proud you are of him and what he is accomplishing.

Ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

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