Our Philosophy

wooden canoe on a deck.

“Camp has not changed.”

When alumni come to visit Camp Chippewa after years or even decades away, their reaction to returning to Camp is invariably the same. “Camp has not changed.” They do not mean the physical structures or the activities. They mean that the essence of Camp Chippewa has remained true. Camp connects people through generations and across the world, and it does this so well because for nearly 90 years, its philosophy remains the bedrock of Camp. Camp exists for one thing: the campers. Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals anchor us to providing the best experience possible for the boys and men who spend their summers at Cass Lake.


Our mission is to develop character, through adventure, inspired by tradition.

a group wearing tams sitting by rapids.
a group wearing tams standing by rapids.


To provide transformational experiences that will help shape, inspire, and guide boys on their path to adulthood.

canoes held together in the 1950s
canoes floating together in a lake.



Each day, campers participate in the growth-centered programs of Camp, connecting with people and themselves in an active and screen-free outdoor environment.

boy sitting on the deck of a sailboat.
boy standing by a sailboat.


Each day, campers experience novel situations and challenges and are aided by a support network of role models and friends as they build grit and explore life outside of their comfort zone.

group lowering a canoe down rapids.
group lining canoes through rapids.


Each day, campers build physical and emotional skills and overcome challenges, gaining self-belief as they experience progression on their camp journey.

canoeist paddling through rapids in the 1980s
canoeist paddling through rapids.


Each day, campers encounter opportunities to be both self-reliant and to contribute toward shared goals, fostering attitudes of independence and interdependence that will serve them for a lifetime.

boy wearing a tam in the 1980s.
boy wearing a tam and smiling.


To inspire youth to be more confident in themselves, more compassionate towards others, more invested in their community, more reverent of nature, and more resilient in life.

Ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

two boys canoeing over rapids.