Our Location

aerial shot of camp chippewa.

The remoteness and privacy of Camp Chippewa's location create an untouched wilderness setting where boys can live freely–unencumbered by the fast-paced life of home and school.

Camp Chippewa is nestled between two lakes.

A four-hour drive north of Minneapolis, located in Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest, Camp Chippewa for Boys is bordered by two beautiful natural lakes. We are fortunate to be at the end of the road where an impressive forest greets our campers and staff. The camp property extends into an isthmus. Out our front door is Cass Lake and the mighty Mississippi River runs through it. Cass Lake is 15,600 acres and is the 8th largest lake in the state. The water is clear and clean. The bottom is sandy and slopes gently to deeper waters and invites boys to swim, sail, canoe, and so much more. Buck Lake connects with Cass but offers a more intimate feel, perfect for teaching swimming or going fishing. Cass Lake has several islands. The largest one—Star Island—is big enough to have a lake that is ¾ mile across. Lake Windigo is clean and clear and great for a swim or to catch some fish. Star Island also has an abundance of trails. Camp Chippewa owns an acre of land on Star Island. A perfect spot for canoe trips to camp surrounded by the National Forest.

person overlooking rapids and trees in the distance.

Canada is in our backyard.

A short drive north brings us to Canada—the launching point for many of our wilderness adventures. Wilderness still abounds in our neighbor to the north and we take full advantage of lakes, rivers, and forests in the provincial parks of Ontario and Manitoba. It is here that boys continue to feel the earth, breathe fresh air, and see miles of uninterrupted landscapes they will never forget. As campers progress through our program, age-commensurate challenges bring them back to the Canadian wilderness where they build the skills necessary to become thriving adults. Unplugged from the world wide web and plugged into the natural world.

Ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

two boys canoeing over rapids.