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The More Things Change…The More They Stay the Same

If you were a camper in 1991 or prior, you would have had the privilege of knowing Cap and perhaps Mom (1987). Much of what Chippewa is and who we are is directly attributed to these two pioneers. By extension, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to Camp Wanaki where Cap first began as waterfront director. Chippewa is a reflection of Wanaki and of many things we do on Cass and Buck Lakes. As alumni, you are a part of Chippewa’s anthology. Your story resonates with those you bunked with, counselors who guided you, ranks you passed, trips you took, and those who cooked for you. We still take dips, paddle canoes, have inspection after breakfast, and roast hotdogs Sunday night.  

In 1999, Cap and Mom’s five children, owners of Camp Chippewa, made the decision to dissolve their ownership and restructure the camp into a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization. The Foundation is a strong testament to their desire to keep Chippewa small, impactful, connected, and relevant. We’ve added a few more activities. but the solid bedrock of our mission has not.  

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Alumni Registration

As alumni, you are connected to this place. You are a part of a brotherhood that now spans over 8 decades and remains strong and growing. Please continue to stay connected with Camp Chippewa by registering on our Alumni Database. If you’re already registered, log in below to update your current contact information. We’d love to keep you in the loop.

Periodically, an announcement goes out inviting Chippewa alumni to join in on a Canadian canoe trip. Plans were being made for an alumni rendezvous at camp in 2020…and then came the pandemic. We’d love to stay in contact when these events are once again being planned. Please sign up and let us know how you are doing. Let’s keep the campfires burning.

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Events & Reunions

We want you to stay connected and would love to see you at a Chippewa gathering in your city. Word of mouth is still our best marketing tool and new parents enjoy meeting others who were once campers. Come join us at an Open House for new campers or meet us later while we’re still in town. Check out our travel calendar and let us know if you’d like to host a gathering. 

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Our heartfelt thanks to so many of our alumni who have helped Chippewa stay strong with donations towards the Foundation and newly formed Camp Chippewa Endowment. Your ability to give strengthens our outreach to underserved communities, bringing boys to camp who otherwise would not be able to attend. Your resources go towards capital improvements allowing Chippewa to keep its infrastructure safe and of high quality. And your support helps bring in leadership on staff and professionals who help train our counselors. It is a partnership we are very grateful for. Thank you. 

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Refer a Camper

Unlock the adventures of Camp Chippewa for a camper today. Whether you’re a current camp parent, alumni, counselor, or friend of Camp Chippewa, your recommendation can help lead a new family and camper to the shores of Cass and Buck Lake.

Do you know someone who would make a great counselor? Camp Chippewa is seeking young men who want to make a positive impact on young boys’ lives. Contact us or direct them to Why Work at Chippewa.

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Visit Camp

The values you learned years ago are the same today. It truly is your camp now. We want you to stay connected and that’s why we have a cabin—The Pines—for you to stay in when you visit camp. Play Scatterball. Shoot archery. Fish in Buck Lake. Paddle a canoe. Sail an X-boat. Tell stories around a camp fire. Come home.

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