In a year that saw seasons cut short and graduations cancelled, we felt immense gratification as a camp community at the end of a safe and successful summer. While it may seem like camp is a one-way street where boys simply jump off and are whisked away by Chippewa staff, this year proved that camp is fueled by the community as a whole. The battle of keeping COVID out of camp could not have been fought without the diligence of the parents of campers. Campers arrived with a full understanding of what steps needed to be taken, allowing for Chippewa’s values to be instilled from the beginning of each session.

Each summer, the young men we guide must be recognized as what they are: the culmination of all the values each parent has instilled. Each and every child has had a positive impact on camp, and for that, the Chippewa staff are very grateful. The young men Camp Chippewa received at the beginning of four and eight weeks have demonstrated immense emotional and social growth. This growth is forged through hard portages and the simple adventure found in watching the stars. While both sessions have developed growth in every young man, the final journey is yet to come. As we send sons back to their families, the Chippewa community’s strength is again displayed. This strength is displayed in the ability of our parents to listen to and support the values and confidence that each young man carries as they return home.