The bus has gone down Cap Endres Road and the cabins are mostly empty. 8 campers remain and while they enjoy a couple of days to enjoy camp to themselves (and Bemidji Day), they also are looking forward to more of Gina’s cooking, golds on the archery range, and even morning inspection (did I just write that?) over the next four weeks.

As we say farewell to one group of boys, we will soon welcome a new group. We are ready to hit the ground running–summer 2014, part II.

Camp Chippewa at home on the Archery Range.


It’s not often we see a left eye dominant rifleman.
Sam and Tom getting ready to squeeze the trigger again. “Bolts open.”


Kenji rips a nice forehand on Cass Court.


JP is all ready for tennis lessons on Bear Paw.


Sunday was World Cup, CC style. The trophy goes to France. Imagine that Etienne!
Jackson and Jack anchor the news desk during Session One Banquet.
Knutson Hall deck should look like this.
Now, it’s waiting for session two to start–see you on Wednesday!