Every so often Chippewa sends out trippers on exploratory routes to test waters we’ve never paddled, and this session camp’s canoes explored the waters of the Gold Rock route.  Located just south of Dryden in northwestern Ontario, the Gold Rock trip traverses cold, deep lakes with water as clear as crystal and portages that are seldom used.  The route is remote, and only the hardiest canoeists and fishermen make the trek into this wilderness.

The eight boys in Marshall cabin left last Wednesday not knowing exactly what lay ahead, but after seven days of adventure and exploration, they’re back better than ever and as good as gold!

 Cold, clear water pours over Minnehaha Falls
 Paddling in the sun on Washabeimaga Lake
 Bright sunny days yield to crisp, clear nights. Ben and Blake tend the fire to keep everybody cozy
 Everybody contributed to the portaging
 Under sunny skies, we sailed on the west wind while Karl strummed the guitar
 The proud and accomplished young men of Marshall cabin