Camp Chippewa

Ranks are being passed, canoes portaged, and KP’s set the tables. Inspection is still a morning ritual. Boys new and old are making memories, and friendships. All of this is possible because of the incredible staff assembled here on the shores of Cass and Buck Lake—nestled in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest. Boys have been lead by a confident and caring staff. We’ve had all kinds of weather from calm and clear to windy and rainy. Regardless of the weather, camp continues it’s daily routine. Days are flying by and plans are already being made for the final banquet and campfire.

We at Chippewa want to thank you for entrusting us with your son. You have allowed your son to develop a sense of self confidence, mastery and perseverance that can only be crafted in a wilderness environment away from the constant bombardment of social media, video and (not-so) smart phones. All too soon, campers will arrive home and may become campsick—wondering who is shooting for Master Archer? Who is closing in on Bar IV in riflery? Who is raising the flag in the morning? And who will roast the perfect hot dog? Who will defeat JP in washers?

Camp sessions are 2, 4 and 8 weeks. Two-weekers get a taste of camp life and it seems to be over just when the boys are hitting their stride. Four weeks may seem like a mountain of time, yet without the TV schedule sitting on the coffee table, staying active accelerates the passage of time. 8 weeks, allow campers to fully absorb and participate in the fun and adventure found around every corner. Perhaps they may hone their wilderness skills by taking two Canadians (and tams). Or maybe it’s the excitement of Bemidji Day between sessions.

Our mission is to “Develop Character, through Adventure, inspired by Tradition.” It has withstood the test of time—almost 80 years. It’s not goodbye we say at Camp Chippewa, it’s until we meet again.

Keep the Campfires burning.

Mike Endres

Director—Camp Chippewa for Boys