All-Staff Poll Shows Continuing Support for Chocolate Chip

Associated Press – August 4th, 2016

CAMP CHIPPEWA – A poll of all staff at Camp Chippewa shows strong support for the Chocolate Chip cookie.

Among the five main candidates, chocolate chip maintains a healthy lead, polling at 45%.  This compares to 35% in the CBS/Sentinel News poll from just a few days ago.  This number has fluctuated widely, and with a margin of error at ±10%, it is hard to tell exactly what numbers Chocolate Chip can expect in the poll.

“It’s possible that we are being lulled into a false sense of security [with Chocolate Chip’s lead],” said Elections Expert Will Norris.

One number that has remained fairly constant across all polls is the level of support for Chocolate Crinkle.  Crinkle polled at 17% among All Staff.  This compares to 18% in the CBS/Sentinel News poll and 19% in the Reuters/CC poll from earlier this week.

Write-in campaign takes shape

The CNN All-Staff Poll indicates continued support for the unofficial candidate Cereal Cookie.  Despite not having declared candidacy, Cereal polled at an all-time high, earning 13% of the vote on its own. Only one ‘other’ unofficial candidate received any votes.

“The cereal cookie is one of my favorites,” said Camp Baker Paula Snow.  “I know everyone likes chocolate chip, but I think people should give cereal another chance.”

Finally on the board

The CNN All-Staff Poll revealed the first instance of support for the Peanut Butter cookie.  While receiving just 4%, the support provides enough stimulus to quash rumors that the candidate will drop out of the race.  Even so, Peanut Butter faces an uphill battle if it hopes to topple the front-runner, Chocolate Chip.

“It seems Peanut Butter supporters are finally coming out of the woodwork,” said Election Commissioner Sutton Stewart.  “It will be crucial for them to show up on Election Day if they hope to make a stand.”

Supporters of Iced Maple and Monster will likewise have to deliver votes if their candidates are to do well.  Poll numbers for each are at 9%–the lowest amount of support yet for either cookie.

“I’m confident that we can turn things around,” said Iced Maple Campaign Manager Karl Maher.  “We want to continue spreading the word, and we know that more undecided voters will come around to support us.”

With just days left ahead of Sunday’s election, it’s clear that each of the campaigns will be ramping up their efforts to secure as many votes as possible.