Happy Holidays from all of us at Camp Chippewa! It may be the winter season, but spring (and summer) will be here before you know it! This gift list is full of ideas for getting back on the water and enjoying the outdoors! 

Watersports run the inherent risk of getting wet. Dry off with the REI Co-op Multi Towel Lite. $15.95-35.95

Paddling gloves protect the backs and palms of your hands. And the NRS Guide Paddling Gloves do so without compromising dexterity. $29.95 

Use a Pelican Case to keep your electronics and other valuables dry. The 1050, 1060, 1120, and 1200 are all great options for whatever size camera, drone, or other equipment you have. $31.95-79.00 

This hat floats. This hat has great colors. I think that’s all that needs to be said about the Outdoor Research Zendo Bucket Hat. $32.73-44.00 

Keep your maps dry with the AquaQuest Trail Mapcase. Adjustable swivel clips and lanyard make it easy and convenient to attach to a thwart or pack. $34.99 

Protect your feet with the O’Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties. They are warm, breathable, and durable. $39.95 

Waterproof socks are an investment guaranteed to pay off. The Sealskinz Waterproof Warm Mid-Length Socks with Hydrostop are designed for getting your shoes wet (and feet dry) in warmer weather. $48.00 

Organize and protect your gear with the Rogue dry bags from AquaQuest. Get a three-piece set for your personal gear or a gigantic 100L bag to line the entire portage pack. $49.99-69.99 

Quick access to gear while canoeing is extremely convenient and makes long days on the water a joy. The Granite Gear Wedge Canoe Thwart Bag is a perfect place to start. The Granite Gear website has even more size and color options. $64.95 

The Bending Branches Loon Canoe Paddle would make the perfect gift for a young voyageur. Check out the other Bending Branches canoe paddles as well. $99.95 and up* 

The NRS Ion PFD prioritizes comfort and movement. You won’t even notice you’re wearing it. $79.73-117.95* 

Paddling jackets deliver lightweight protection from wind, rain, and surf. The NRS Endurance Jacket is both waterproof and breathable. $114.95 

*Camp Chippewa provides paddles and PFDs to all campers and staff.