Happy Holidays from Camp Chippewa! Looking for a gift for that tough-to-shop-for loved one? Or maybe a gift that will last (and be used!) for years to come? On this list are time-tested equipment and goodies that are worth their weight in the backcountry.

Walleye Jigs – $4.59 (pack of 6)

Those of us who have been lucky enough to fish below rapids in Canadian rivers know that a jig head and plastic tail is all it takes to catch dinner. These are a great stocking stuffer – and a gift sure to keep on giving! The 1/2 ounce jig is a great size for casting into the river eddies commonly fished on our canoe trips.

fishing jig.

Artificial Tail – $3.49 (pack of 25)

To top your jig heads, grab a pack of artificial tails. Chartreuse and white-colored tails are our favorites. Countless Canadian walleye are the evidence that these work! 3 inch and 4 inch both work well.

fishing bait.

Sierra Spoon – $4.49 – $6.29

And for shore-casting and those looking to land a trophy northern, a shiny spoon is the way to go!

fishing spoon.

Smartwool Outdoor Crew Socks – $13.19

Feet that stay warm – even when they are damp – are a must on the trail! Suited for portages in Manitoba or for walking to school, good socks just make sense. And we know that everyone could use more socks.

pair of wool socks.

Black Diamond Cosmo 350 Headlamp – $34.95

So much more useful than a flashlight, a headlamp is an essential piece of your outdoor kit. This one can be bright for navigating the woods after dark, low for reading a book in your tent, and red for keeping your night vision. Plus it has a lock feature, saving it from being turned on while packed in the bottom of a Duluth pack.

head lamp.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove – $49.99

Screw this onto a fuel canister and away you go! The PocketRocket will have your water boiling in no time. This is a backpacking staple. Fuel canisters are cheap and can be found at outdoor shops and hardware stores.

camping stove.

AquaQuest Himal Backpack – $49.99 and up

Keep. Your. Gear. Dry. Few things make me more miserable than wet gear. A quality day pack will keep your stuff dry, and AquaQuest makes quality backpacks. 30 liters is a good size. Check out their backpacks, dry bags, and tons of other incredible gear on their website!

waterproof backpack.

GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist II Cookset – $69.95

Save space and weight in your pack with this quality cook kit! Good for backpacking, canoeing, or car camping with friends. Start building up your gear closet with something you will need no matter where you go. GSI offers excellent cook kits for one, two, or four people depending on the size of your group!

camp pots and pans.

Thermarest Pro Lite Sleeping Pad – $99.95 – $129.95

Sleeping pads keep you dry and warm in the evening, and good luck enjoying the backcountry with poor sleep. These sleeping pads are light, compact, good for three-season camping (pair with a closed-cell pad if you are expanding into winter camping), and time-tested! Many a Chippewa voyageur has slept on a Thermarest pad.

camping mattress.

REI Half Dome 2+ Tent – $329.00

A tent is the key to opening up the outdoors to adventure! The Half Dome is super versatile, suited for canoe trips, backpacking, or weekend trips with the family. It easily fits two people with plenty of gear, or three in a pinch! When taken care of, these tents should last decades.