In just 150 days, Cass Lake will be open for business, and the first group of campers will be taking a dip after the opening game of scatterball.  Get excited: Summer ’17 is on the way!

As we look ahead and plan for the summer, we’re finding more and more research that supports what summer camps do.  Take, for example, this article from the American Camping Association:

This article from the ACA describes the benefits of unstructured playtime as researched by the Let’s Inspire Innovation n’ Kids (LiiNK) project. LiiNK found that increasing the time children had for free play during school hours, socialization, emotional maturity, and creativity were all increased, along with stronger physical development and appreciation of the outdoors. The multifaceted benefits of free play translated into more efficient classroom environments and students who were more open to learning STEM material.

Chippewa delivers a concentrated, extended dose of free play and problem solving for our campers, chasing the same goals as the LiiNK project. Inspiring campers to play freely from Cedar Island to improvised golf courses on the Canadian trail, Chippewa helps create more creative, confident boys, well equipped for the years to come.

For more information on the LiiNK program, you can check out their website here.  And for more info on how you can come and play with us in Summer ’17, please visit our website