Spring is well underway, and soon Summer will be here.  One of the traditional signs of summer in Minnesota is the opening of fishing season, which happened this past Saturday.  Not only that, Summer 79 at Camp Chippewa will be the Year of the Angler.  So prepare yourself for this month’s edition of Faces of Camp–Gone Fishin’.

 Camp’s prime fishing spot is down on the Buck Lake waterfront, and you don’t need to fish far from the dock to land a catch.
AJ tends his line from the dock
Avi holds up his latest catch.
Fish come in all sizes, but each one counts during camp’s annual Fish-a-thon.  Great catch, Emiliano!
Some minnows end up as bait, but others get the chance to compete in Minnow Races.
 While Buck and Cass Lake are great fishing hot spots, nothing can compare to the remote waters on the Canadian trail.  And there are few fishing guides better than Zach.
  Pucker up!
Summer 79 is just weeks away!  Are you ready?
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