As we move closer to the start of camp, we’ll be looking back on some great moments from the last few years. This week, we’ll check out an interview with perennial Staff Orientation lecturer and Camp Mom Dr. Tina Bryson, legendary developmental psychologist. In Bunks Are Good for Brains: The Neuroscience of Sleepaway Camp Dr. Bryson breaks down the benefits of Overnight camps in a child’s development by fostering the Middle Prefrontal Cortex, where major aspects of our personality are regulated. Overnight camps allow the time for structural changes in the developing brain to be made over the course of a session. As Tina points out, this development is more focused when Camps approach their programming with their camper’s brains in mind. We’ve worked closely with Tina over the last several years to reframe our efforts in a way that recognizes the positive impact we can have on the development of our camper’s brains, and Tina’s input has been invaluable for tapping into that potential. You can find out more about Tina’s work in her books The Whole Brain Child and No Drama Discipline.