Homesick & Campsick

Hi, I know you have already sent your son or sons, or you may be getting ready to send your boy to Camp Chippewa.  Camp Chippewa is incredible.  I consider it my third home (not counting the baseball field or In-N-Out Burger).  First is my house, second is my grandparent’s house, and third: Chippewa.  This magical place that seems to be lost in time, has become my greatest experience I have ever had in my ten years.  I feel that everything that happens at camp helps shape a personality.  My first year, last year, I brought two friends to camp, but I couldn’t spend every single second every single day with them, though I did get to spend a bunch of time with them.  So, to make sure that I always had a friend, I tried to befriend everyone I could, so no mater which activity I was doing, I always could do it with at least one friend.  I ended up with a lot of friends at camp that I can’t wait to see this year.  I think a lot of them will be lifelong pals.

Going to this camp had me learn things about me that even I didn’t know; like that I could water ski.  I felt like giving up at first, but the counselor driving the boat gave me encouraging tips and cheers that made me want to go on.  I kept practicing, and I eventually got the hang of it.  It not only taught me patience but it taught me to not give up, and that if you really try hard, you can do it.

There was one hard thing though, homesickness.  I still think that it is good for me though because it makes me tougher and braver to go through that.  I didn’t know that I could get homesick.  But it was mainly just when I read letters from home.  I really only got homesick when I thought about it.  All the other time I was out doing activities.  I have so much fun, that I forget about being homesick.  When I was down or homesick my friends made me laugh and cheered me up.  When my friends were down, I would make them laugh and cheer them up, it matched perfectly.

One of my favorite things at camp is the special days where it’s capture the flag, pirate day, scavenger hunt or something like that.  I have had a lot of fun sharing my adventures with my parents, little brother, big brother, friends or even grandparents.  I think adults would love laughing about funny things, or listening intently to intense fun camp adventures.  Camp Chippewa has definitely changed my point of view of life, in a good way.  I’m about to go to camp in two weeks, and I think I might get homesick, but about three days after I get home I know I’ll be campsick.

Luke P. Bryson

July 3, 2013

Luke is Front row right