The big day is now less than two weeks away!  Got all of your shopping done? If you don’t, you’re in luck!  We’ve got some great ideas for gifts to buy your favorite camper.  And because 2016 is the Year of the Campfire, all of our gifts have something to do with fire (it’s okay, mom–they’re also all safe).

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire.  The warm glow of the flames, the friendships made and the fun had.  There’s nothing more magical.  Unless, of course, that campfire starts changing colors!  No, it’s not Harry Potter tapping into the floo network–it’s our first suggestion for a gift.

Mystical Fire Campfire Color Packets – $11.49 (Amazon)

Maybe colored fire isn’t your thing.  Or maybe your camper isn’t so little anymore and is ready to hit the Canadian wilderness.  Maybe he’s even developed his own taste for adventure away from camp.  Any outdoor adventurer needs to have a good fire starter in his or her possession, and that’s exactly what we have for our next suggestion:

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter – $11.23 (Amazon)

One of the best parts about campfires is sitting around them and making s’mores.  If you don’t have a campfire, though, making the perfectly toasted marshmallows for really good s’mores is a difficult task–until now!  With this next suggestion, you can have s’mores right at your dining room table.  Check it out:

Casa Moda S’mores Maker – $44.99 (Amazon)

Back to that “sitting around a campfire” idea, since we’ve mentioned it a lot.  When you’re out on the trail, there really aren’t many good places to sit: a log, a rock, a log on a rock.  Wouldn’t it be better if there was something a little more comfortable?  Wouldn’t it be great to bring a chair along?  Lo and behold, just such a chair exists, and it’s perfect for bringing on any trip.

TrekUltra Camp Chair – $69.95 (Amazon)

A campfire is something truly wonderful.  It’s the one place at the end of the day that any camper looks forward to.  It means food and friendship and fun and rest.  It’s the place where accomplishments of the day are reflected upon and the goals of tomorrow are forged.  When it comes down to it, there’s no replacement for the real deal.  Why not bring a little campfire home?

Landmann USA Wildlife Firepit – $106.22 (Amazon)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift suggestions!  Maybe we’ve inspired you, or maybe we haven’t.  Whatever gifts you choose to get, we hope you have the best of luck in your searching.  And remember, when you shop, please help support Camp Chippewa by shopping on Amazon Smile.  You can sign up for Amazon Smile by visiting

Happy Holidays!

Summer 2016, the Year of the Campfire, is just around the corner!  Have you signed up for camp yet?  Visit to reserve your spot or to find out more!