Welcome to the first of Camp Chippewa’s Parent Handbook Helpers! Through these blog posts, we hope to demystify some of the bigger portions of our Parent Handbook before your son ships off to Camp Chippewa this summer. This month’s installment will break down some of the stickier elements of healthcare at camp.

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  • Consistent documentation between Health History, Physical Exam, and CampMeds registration is very important. Your son’s Health History form is updatable until 3 weeks before his session begins.   
  • Please ensure to document all medications in Health History; whether supplied by CampMeds or the parent.   
  • CC prefers immunizations to be entered in Health History form; the dates are saved from year to year. If you enter them in the Health History form, no need to send another copy with the Physical Exam form. Save Paper!  
  • Camp must receive a signed copy of the Physical Exam Form and the Parent Authorization Form. Use Campanion or another scanning app (we recommend Genius Scan and there are others) to convert photos of forms to black and white PDFs.  
  • International campers may email forms to jacob@campchippewa.com 
  • Just like with medications, our medical staff needs time to review all health forms so please be considerate and submit forms on time. Once we get into the swing of the camp seasonafter June 1stit’s very difficult to review the forms plus it takes a lot of time to continue to send reminder emails 
  • Let us know if your son’s physical will occur after April 30th. We understand the restrictions health insurance has on when a physical can be performed. Keep lines of communication open. 

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  • All camp forms are due by April 30th, regardless of which session your son is attending. This gives our medical staff time to review the forms and to make sure we have all the information we need to keep your son safe and healthy during his time at Camp Chippewa!  


Who needs to use CampMeds?  

  • Any camper who takes prescription medication or daily over-the-counter medication (in pill-form only); more details below 

Why are we using CampMeds?

  • It is recommended by the American Camp Association 
  • It provides better documentation as is required by Camp Chippewa’s insurance and the Minnesota Department of Health 
  • It ensures all medications are verified by the camper’s physician  
  • It guarantees Camp Chippewa receives camper medications a week before campers arrive giving medical staff time to log medications and reconcile discrepancies between Health History form, Physical Exam form, and CampMeds, if any occur. Our medical staff can create an accurate medication distribution chart and prepare your son’s meds for his arrival
  • The individual packaging makes packing and distributing medications for out-of-camp trips much easier because the camper’s name, med, dose, date, and time of day is printed on each packet
  • Above all, it helps Camp Chippewa keep all campers safe and healthy while at camp

What kind of medication needs to go through CampMeds? 

  • All prescription medication in pill form and any daily over-the-counter medication. Unfortunately, CampMeds cannot package any kind of gummy supplement or vitamins—and Camp Chippewa will not dispense vitamins unless prescribed by a doctor. If this could be an issue for you, look into chewable substitutes. Otherwise, your son will have plenty of nutritious options while at Camp Chippewa to help him maintain a healthy diet!  
  • Inhalers, epi-pens and insulin (among others; all non-pill prescriptions/medications) are not required to go through CampMeds 
  • CampMeds cannot fill prescriptions written by any physician outside of the United States. Contact the camp office for instructions.

How to register for CampMeds

  • If you have any more questions on how to get set up with CampMeds, refer to the CampMeds Parent Letter.pdf in your CIT account. In there you will find information on: 
    1. How to register: https://www.campmeds.com/
    2. How and where to send prescriptions
    3. Submission deadlines, late fees, the registration and dispatch process
    4. How to contact CampMeds (Info@campmeds.com)
  • If you haven’t already, please register for CampMeds as soon as you can!  We recommend starting this process 4 months before your son’s session begins. This will help avoid late registration fees and/or rushed shipping charges. If you used CampMeds last summer, you can log in with your email and password.

Over-the-Counter Medications  

  • Please do not send any “just in case” medications to camp this summer. We have a well-stocked Health Center that will be accessible to your son through Camp’s medical staff if he should ever need anything. The only exceptions to this are Lactaid and Melatonin. Lactaid must arrive at camp 1 week prior to your son’s arrival. Melatonin must be prescribed by a physician. 
  • All medications—from cough drops to a camper’s prescriptions—are securely stored in the Health Center for the duration of your son’s stay.  
  • We have a very well-stocked Health Center. Here’s what we will have available: 
    • Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    • Ibuprofen 
    • Naproxen (Aleve) 
    • Hydrocortisone Cream 
    • Aloe Vera 
    • Poison Ivy Skin Cleanser 
    • Calamine Lotion 
    • Zyrtec 
    • Benadryl 
    • Allegra 
    • Claritin 
    • Afrin 
    • Antacid 
    • Pepcid  
    • Bisacodyl tablets 
    • Pepto-Bismol chewable  
    • TUMS, Rolaids 
    • Imodium 
    • MiraLAX 
    • Cough Drops 
    • Cough Syrup  
    • Dramamine 
  • This list is in the Health History form as well. Please contact the camp office if you’d like more information.

CampMeds Deadlines

  • Parent Registration and Prescriptions Receipt Deadline
    • May 15th
      • Full Session
      • 1st Session
      • Badger Camp I
    • June 13th
      • 2nd Session
      • Badger Camp II